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K.K.M.J. Script is Complete

Who knew that, when I put my mind to it, I can actually get a script done?

The K.K.M.J script is 57 pages long, and full of... provocative material. Like, the script's content could fill all five sections of an IMDb Parents Guide. I'm worried that the content might scare off possible cast and crew members, but I'm not too worried. Everyone's tastes are a bit different.

I already have three people who are interested in working on the film. Casey and Cory Van Duyne want to work in both fields, and Kylie Gerovac, who is a tremendous actress, is interested in one of the lead roles. I have some more people in consideration for participation, so I'll be sending scripts to possible contenders.

Like Brian's Battered, there's already an IMDb page ( You may also notice that the soundtrack has already been decided on. If you want to listen to the soundtrack, here's a playlist on YouTube: ( Note that "Kinda Wanna" by Lori Denae is not in the playlist, as there's not a YouTube video for it.

I'm really excited for this project, guys. Hopefully, it'll all work out in the end. Catch you next time!

-Sean Anthony McGann

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