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K.K.M.J.: Let's Try This Again

So yeah, you're probably wondering what happened to Brian's Battered.

Well, one Monday in March, I did shoot footage for the film at an antique shop. I had Casey and Cory Van Duyne help me with the camera, and the guy who worked at the shop was actually a decent actor. The only problem: I never shot any footage after that day. It seems that three days before shooting was about to begin, everyone was dropping out. So the day before we were to start filming, I hesitantly put the film on hiatus. Now, it seems, it will never see the light of day.

Now, with that project crushed, I had to find another idea for my debut short film. I went through comedies, dramedies, dramas, horror, and even war films. Eventually, though, I got an idea that stuck.


It's the summer of 2004. Laurie is in the care of her two bible-belt grandparents, who forbid her from seeing her true love, Ashley. One night, the two girls escape to another friend's apartment, where they do drugs, watch movies, harass the pizza guy, and spew nonsense. At least they think it's nonsense. With the effects and tensions rising, Laurie and Ashley plan a crime that they think will bring them together, but will only draw them further apart. Inspired by true events.

You know, for kids! :P

There is currently no due date for when the script will be done, I've learned my lesson. Here are some of the roles that are in need of being filled:

  • LAURIE: 15-year-old teenage female. Rebellious teenager who has some unresolved issues with, it seems, the world in general.
  • ASHLEY: 16-year-old teenage female. Laurie's feisty friend/lover. She's a bit more controlled than Ashley, though that's not saying much.
  • GRANDMA: Laurie's grandmother (actress needed between ages 19 and 75). She constantly fights with Laurie over the rules of the house and her friendship with Ashley.
  • GRANDPA: Laurie's grandfather (actor needed between ages 19 and 75). He and Laurie have a better friendship than she does with Grandma, but Laurie still puts a death wish on him.
  • KAL: Laurie and Ashley's friend. She lives with her boyfriend in a shabby apartment, taking online courses by day and drugs by night. She is a free spirit, though she may have some problems with Laurie and Ashley's "relationship" as well.
  • LIZZIE: Laurie and Ashley's Japanese culture-obsessed friend. After Laurie and Ashley visit her house after they commit their crime, she calls the police on them.
  • SCOTT: Kal's boyfriend.
  • OPERATOR: voiceover role as the 911 operator. Male.

Some roles may or may not require signed permission from a parent or guardian.

Crew members needed include a producer, cinematographer, art director, set decorator, make-up person, costumer, music composer (with help from pianist, woodwind instrument player, and violinist), assistant cameraman, lighting technician, poster artist, special props constructor, and special prop effects guy. If you have any interest in working on this here picture, contact me on ProfessorTomNook (my YT channel), Facebook, or e-mail at

-Sean Anthony McGann

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