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K.K.M.J. Casting Troubles, New Show, and TGWTG

I'll start with the more important thingy.

So it's about six days until I presumably start shooting for K.K.M.J. There's one problem, though: nobody's interested in playing Kal. This is actually pretty bad considering erasing this character from the script is near-impossible. I've asked about six people so far if they were interested in the role, and they've either said no or never responded. I even asked other actors and actresses via The Winchester Old Sports Facebook group to help me find an actress to play the character. No such luck, though one person did see that post, so maybe she'll help me out. This might mean I'll have to postpone shooting till August 2 or further. With college students being part of the cat, this delay will possibly be bad news. If by July 26, I still don't have an actress, I let you guys know about a delay.

Now for the good news.

So recently, I decided to become a member of That Guy with the I've already posted three Sugarcube Critic episodes, and I plan to post more. My profile can be found here:

That being said, I'm always interested in creating new webseries, specifically ones where I review stuff. I also like to work with other people other than myself. So, to celebrate me joining TGWTG and satisfy those two needs, I announce "DMCAmazing."

A satire of today's copyright laws and censorship, the show concerns my Internet persona, ProfessorTomNook, reviewing popular films, whether they be good or bad. However, in order to make any revenue off of the videos, he decides to re-enact the reviewed films instead of showing clips from the actual movie.

Unlike previous shows of mine, there is no deadline, so I don't have to keep apologizing for being late with episodes. Also, I want to cast some of my friends to help with acting, makeup, special effects, and camerawork. To be a member of the cast, you must be able to do very plausible impressions. Don't worry about being late or feeling neglected; it all depends on how I feel the episode should play out. Some days I might need six people for filming, other days it could just be me. The first three episodes will be reviews of "The Shining," "Inception," and "Punch-Drunk Love." I've already finished the script for episode one.

Anyway, just thought I'd keep you updated and finally announce the new series. If you have any questions, please comment or message me on Facebook.

-Sean Anthony McGann

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