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In Need of More Actors for "K.K.M.J."

I have about three roles left to cast for my upcoming short film, "K.K.M.J." In addition, I will need help finding locations to film the movie, along with an art director and set decorator.

I do, however, have some more actors signed on. In the role of timid Lizzie is longtime friend and collaborator Vicki Braun. The grandparents will be played by Matt "Skullzy" Sievert and Bobbie Watts. I also have a good portion of crew members hired. Two of the crew member titles might be dropped (special props construction and special prop effects) due to a limited range of people who I'm in contact with. Those jobs were for the fake paraphernalia that will be used quite a bit in the film (define "quite a bit"). Looks like rolled-up printer paper and sugar will do, along with a cheap smoke effect or fog machine, whichever is the cheapest.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating, but I really have been working on getting the film noticed and cast. As I posted on Facebook, Brad Jones of gave me permission to use his surprisingly suspenseful film "Freak Out" in my short film. For those of you in the cast wondering just what is this film I keep fanboying over, here's a link to the 2-hour film:

Schedules will be determined soon based on how long I can film the movie, the schedules of the actors and actresses, and how long I can film at each individual set. Until then, get ready.

-Sean Anthony McGann


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