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Casting Call for "Brian's Battered"
It's time for another update on my upcoming short film.
Well, for one thing, I'm making progress on the script. Currently I'm writing a scene that will take place in an antique shop. I have an idea of which antique shop I should film in, though I'm hoping they'll give me permission first before I film an important scene in their store. Luckily, I've hired a line producer today, so the three to five locations I'll need will hopefully be secured.
As for new actors, I'm pleased to announce some new additions and roles cast. My good friend Kendall Brock, in addition to co-producing the film, will play amateur bowler/wisecracker Jonas Kane. Kylie Gerovac will be playing Becky Preston, the academic rival with a bit of an infamous history with Herman. Casey Van Duyne will be cast as Jamie, a minor character who'll be having a bigger role in the future. Her twin sister, Cory Van Duyne, will be a bowling alley manager in despair. There are no small parts, guys. Not in this film.
Now, I'm planning to start filming during spring break, so I'm hoping to have the cast and crew completely hired by then. That's why I feel I should post some of the roles I'm having trouble casting to see who would be interested in joining the film. Not all vacant roles in the film are listed, since there are roles I'm saving for specific people. I need actors and actresses to play:
  • Angie (female, ages 15-18): a small-town gangster who may be wanting Herman to sleep with the fishes. May require fedora.
  • Chip Gabey (male, ages 14-18): goth troublemaker who has found an unlikely friendship with Herman. May require black emo wig.
  • Hannah (female, ages 17-20): cheerleader girlfriend of Chip. Can be played by the girlfriend of actor playing Chip, if she has her driver's license.
  • Goons of Angie (two males, ages 16-18): tall, rugged goons of Angie. Will be wearing sunglasses.
That's about it. If you want to discuss the role with me, message me through Facebook.
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