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"Brian's Battered" and other news
So, after much consideration, I've decided on a title for my previously untitled short. Among my options were such average titles as "Herman," "Winchester," and "Outside." Ultimately though, the short shall be named "Brian's Battered," though it is still a working title. Bare with me, the title makes more sense in the context of the story.
Also, I've acquired an executive producer for the film. From Hollow Minded Films, I welcome the tremendously-talented Matthew Howell to the Boats Against the Current team. YTP fans may know Howell, who will also be the short's narrator, by the name Magged Rat. Here's a recent video he did on his new account:
If you want to follow who's in the cast and crew, you can always look up my IMDb page to find the short. If you can't find it, then I'll just tell you. While I'm attached to play the lead role of Herman, Brandon Cooling will play thug Wortzik and Matt "Skullzy" Sievert will play bird watcher Cameron Peterson. Kylie Gerovac and Casey Van Duyne will play as-of-yet undetermined roles, while Van Duyne will also be the film's cinematographer. Other roles are currenly being cast through negotiations and social media, so if you're from WHS and you are interested in a role, message me on Facebook and/or Twitter (@ferrisgump).
Whew. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. There's no turning back now.
-Sean McGann
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