I'll start with the more important thingy.

So it's about six days until I presumably start shooting for K.K.M.J. There's one problem, though: nobody's interested in playing Kal. This is actually pretty bad considering erasing this character from the script is near-impossible. I've asked about six people so far if they were interested in the role, and they've either said no or never responded. I even asked other actors and actresses via The Winchester Old Sports Facebook group to help me find an actress to play the character. No such luck, though one person did see that post, so maybe she'll help me out. This might mean I'll have to postpone shooting till August 2 or further. With college students being part of the cat, this delay will possibly be bad news. If by July 26, I still don't have an actress, I let you guys know about a delay.

Now for the good news.

So recently, I decided to become a member of That Guy with the Gla ... Read more »

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I have about three roles left to cast for my upcoming short film, "K.K.M.J." In addition, I will need help finding locations to film the movie, along with an art director and set decorator.

I do, however, have some more actors signed on. In the role of timid Lizzie is longtime friend and collaborator Vicki Braun. The grandparents will be played by Matt "Skullzy" Sievert and Bobbie Watts. I also have a good portion of crew members hired. Two of the crew member titles might be dropped (special props construction and special prop effects) due to a limited range of people who I'm in contact with. Those jobs were for the fake paraphernalia that will be used quite a bit in the film (define "quite a bit"). Looks like rolled-up printer paper and sugar will do, along with a cheap smoke effect or fog machine, whichever is the cheapest.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating, but I really have been working on getting the film notic ... Read more »

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Who knew that, when I put my mind to it, I can actually get a script done?

The K.K.M.J script is 57 pages long, and full of... provocative material. Like, the script's content could fill all five sections of an IMDb Parents Guide. I'm worried that the content might scare off possible cast and crew members, but I'm not too worried. Everyone's tastes are a bit different.

I already have three people who are interested in working on the film. Casey and Cory Van Duyne want to work in both fields, and Kylie Gerovac, who is a tremendous actress, is interested in one of the lead roles. I have some more people in consideration for participation, so I'll be sending scripts to possible contenders.

Like Brian's Battered, there's already an IMDb page (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3794098/). You may also notice that the soundtrack has already been decided on. If you wa ... Read more »

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So yeah, you're probably wondering what happened to Brian's Battered.

Well, one Monday in March, I did shoot footage for the film at an antique shop. I had Casey and Cory Van Duyne help me with the camera, and the guy who worked at the shop was actually a decent actor. The only problem: I never shot any footage after that day. It seems that three days before shooting was about to begin, everyone was dropping out. So the day before we were to start filming, I hesitantly put the film on hiatus. Now, it seems, it will never see the light of day.

Now, with that project crushed, I had to find another idea for my debut short film. I went through comedies, dramedies, dramas, horror, and even war films. Eventually, though, I got an idea that stuck.


It's the summer of 2004. Laurie is in the care of her two bible-belt grandparents, who forbid her from seeing her true love, Ashley. One night, the two girls escape to another friend's apar ... Read more »

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New series coming (very) soon!

So I decided, seeing as how there are many movies coming out this year that I might be interested in seeing, that I should start a review series for current films. Yesterday I went to see "Noah," and four hours later, I filmed an improvised review. So expect the review to show up on the site real soon!

Nook's Nifty Nitpicks: Because Hollywood hates all of you.

-Sean McGann

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It's time for another update on my upcoming short film.
Well, for one thing, I'm making progress on the script. Currently I'm writing a scene that will take place in an antique shop. I have an idea of which antique shop I should film in, though I'm hoping they'll give me permission first before I film an important scene in their store. Luckily, I've hired a line producer today, so the three to five locations I'll need will hopefully be secured.
As for new actors, I'm pleased to announce some new additions and roles cast. My good friend Kendall Brock, in addition to co-producing the film, will play amateur bowler/wisecracker Jonas Kane. Kylie Gerovac will be playing Becky Preston, the academic rival with a bit of an infamous history with Herman. Casey Van Duyne will be cast as Jamie, a minor character who'll be having a bigger role in the future. Her twin sister, Cory Van Duyne, will be a bowling alley manage ... Read more »
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So, after much consideration, I've decided on a title for my previously untitled short. Among my options were such average titles as "Herman," "Winchester," and "Outside." Ultimately though, the short shall be named "Brian's Battered," though it is still a working title. Bare with me, the title makes more sense in the context of the story.
Also, I've acquired an executive producer for the film. From Hollow Minded Films, I welcome the tremendously-talented Matthew Howell to the Boats Against the Current team. YTP fans may know Howell, who will also be the short's narrator, by the name Magged Rat. Here's a recent video he did on his new account:
If you want to follow who's in the cast and crew, you can always look up my IMDb page to find the short. If ... Read more »
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Though not really involving ProfessorTomNook, per se.

So I've noticed how meager my filmography is. "The Sugarcube Critic" is all that I've managed to have on IMDb so far, unless I decide to put my YouTube Poops on the website, though that's highly unlikely. Until I can get into professional filmmaking, I'm going to try my hand at the art of short film.
Starting my series of shorts is a yet-to-be-titled comedy-drama. I'll produce, write, direct, edit, and star in the film, while I'll look into which of my friends are willing to play a role. The plot, or what I can come up with so far, is a day in the life of Herman, a high school sophomore who decides to leave the comfort of his laptop for a change and explore the depths of his small town.
Though I'm unsure as to when I'll finish the script, I plan to film this short in the spring. Hopefully this project will be an enriching experience for me and for others ... Read more »
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